Converted and Staked my $CUB airdrop

in LeoFinance3 months ago

Wow, how cool is @leofinance these days! I just got my airdrop and immediately put it to good use.

I found the navigation easy enough, the instructions were clear. Big shout out to the team at @leofinance for a job very well done.

I know many will probably cash in, but I have been following and watching the markets closely these days. Looks like the price of CUB has already reached its launch peak. Accumulation is the game now, while the team continues to develop. Alt season has yet to begin. And this is one token I will be holding to see how it pans out. Defi is for sure a hot thing, and when alt season begins, well I think we will see take off.

Now I'm off to study the tokenomics.



Wishing you all massive profits

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Not a bad airdrop at all! Congrats and well done on the staking. The process was crazy simple I'm glad they waited 2 days and gave it a little work over.

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yep super simple, im farming well now. I hope you are doing well too

Awesome... I’m in the same Den

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haha we are Den mates :-)

Same for you!

Me too, all 0.477 of it!

Did you receive 10 CUB for your 2k LP?

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yep indeed I did

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