Connect Excel to CoinGecko API for Historical OHLC cryptocurrency data and chart

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Get historical cryptocurrency pricing into Excel using CoinGecko API and learn to create a quick stock chart. The CoinGecko API is (currently) a free API that allows you so much cryptocurrency data from live/current cryptocurrency pricing to historical data. From top coins like Bitcoin to a very large selection of Altcoins and tokens. In this video, we will explore the APIs, find out how to get the URL required to connect to the data, then we will use Excel to connect to the API, and we will clean up the JSON so the data can be used with ease in Excel.

CoinGecko API documentation

Each API returns data in a different JSON format. To learn more about working with JSON in Excel check out this post

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But legit though I didn't realize you were into this sorta stuff. Impressed!

OMG @klye, this is what I do for a day job, how did you not know this was my type of gig? Data, Excel, Numbers!!!!! You probably missed it when I posted it, so guess what? I won a Microsoft MVP award in Excel this year. heheheh I'm the only Irish female MVP in all areas of Microsoft tech and I am the only Irish Excel MVP too.

Guess am fucking oblivious.. lmao.

that is bad ass though.

hehehehehhe its good to be oblivious most of the time. I hope you are keeping well :-)

very cool! thanks for this tutorial, you'll never know when you need something like this :D

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a lot of devs would use the API, but you don't need dev skills, just an Excel spreadsheet and you can create some awesome apps and reports.

Good for tax returns 👏

Watch your language lad....

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Hay @abh12345 I hope you are well. Tax returns, hahah I'm still recouping the losses of the bear market

Very useful, thank you very much for sharing with us your advanced knowledge in Excel. I am sure that I use Excel only at most 10% of its capacity.

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most people only do use a fraction of its ability, thanks for stopping by

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta too. With pleasure!

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