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RE: The Changing Nature Of Work

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Cryptocurrency would indeed make a big difference in the future, as one can sit at home and earn income.
I was a blue collar foreman in the construction business and the rapid changes in technology made many jobs become reduntant to such an effect that 20 people could do the jobs today compared to the 200 that worked in the old days. Then I moved into the white collar management fields and even there jobs were cut over time,

So yes, cryptocurrency could offer a perfect solution, but people don't like change and will rather stick to the false comfort of existing systems.


Technology is like a snowball going downhill: it only speeds up.

We are seeing this across many industries. Most of us were asleep during the "retail apocalypse" until we woke one day to realize Amazon obliterated a ton of retail space.

That is happening all around us now. Most are simply unaware of it.

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I was just talking to another friend here about the early 60s when we had no mobile phones here.
The world changed around our blind eyes and deaf ears and these days it's the same with the giant strides that technology is taking.

So we were caught flat footed as usual and now we are sitting with one of the highest unemployment counts in the world. A serious look will have to taken at our educational systems methinks.