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RE: Fill gaps now to skill gaps later

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Food for thought here methinks.
We are starting with the free coding training project for disadvantaged children soon and there will be sure to be some top performers that has a natural technical ability.
So I think that the next step up for them is that I should start seaching for blockchain beginners courses.
Not only can it empower them personally, but also their communities.
Just an idea.


When I was talking to my colleague today (not a coder - but can do a bit) he was saying that what he has looked at that is "official" is more coder orientated, but I think there is stuff online that can help people understand. I suggest asking some of the devs where a kid would start if their goal was to work on blockchains eventually.

@gtg or @pharesim might be able to drop a line as to what would be a decent language to begin with perhaps

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These power shut downs are killing us my friend.

We are starting the kids in a great coding program and it's the next step that I want to look at.
Once that they understand Java, python etcetera, they need to do something with it and there is nothing better than the blockchain.

Thank you for the contacts and I will approach them for some advice.