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RE: The growing fire and coming terror

in LeoFinance9 months ago

Such a fire is already raging here with the revelations in the media from the Zondo Commission, about how billions were stolen by the persons that we are supposed to trust my friend.
Skeletons falling out of the cupboards all over the place.

Something urgent has to be done about this, but big money supports the denials and it is the normal legal defences, but this time round it will not work, as the people are starting to stir which can lead to nightmares if justice is not done.

I have always maintained that big money will protect itself and its gains, even if it comes to invading and trying to control the blockchain with legislation to secure the establishments and even to gain profits via taxes.

Interesting times ahead!


In analogies to natural laws I put my hopes and trust. Slow and calm landslides and avalanches look before critical mass has shifted but then it' know. The more you want to control, the more delusional you must become.

In general, states meddling into the economy is a recipe for disaster. Some govs maintained the illusion of control for decades but the results were hidden bankruptcy. And not it's the other side of The Wall that is heading towards the same illusion. Stuff like UBI, SRDs, etc could bog down billions into...I was about to say dependency but that has been true for ever, anyway.

It's consumers' habits that matter the most. And it's always a psychological game to make certain things desirable. Not tricked into desiring it, not sold. Ideologies and policies as well.

Iy is the very same natural laws that will also result into a total avalanche in our case here.
No matter how they try to camouflage their corruption here, some insiders will always decided that truth is better than lies and they are singining like canaries at the commission.
Some totally unbelievable stories about control and theft of billions are being told. Money's always leave a trail and to get them the money trail is being followed.
As light is stronger than darkness, just so the the truth is stronger than deception.

Cheers and !BEER

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