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RE: The cost of technological spread

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A united voice that contains all or most of the beneficial elements in life, such as some of the top business slogans can indeed be good for Hive. Especially if it's focused upon the low point of entry.
Maybe someone must do a slogan competition?

I am now talking to a "displaced" person here and we are too far away to supply you with blankets, or anything else from the charity, but I am available for counseling during the lonely hours hahahah.


A slogan competition might be something that @theycallmedan might want to run after the elevator pitch initiative. :)

"displaced" :D Definitely not in the worst place in the world, but dis place is not home :)

I listened to the loss of @theycallmedan on his 3Speak video and decided not to comment on it.

I have an idea of what he is currently going through with the loss of his mom, as my own mom passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 51 in a car accident. Just as bad my younger sister passed away from a gunshot wound to her head and she was in her early 30s. I could not say good bye to either of them!

Consistent slave driving and long hours of work helped me a lot during those times, but it also cost me a lot of health issues later in my life.
So no, I will not suggest it to him now, as he has a lot of things to work out!

Yeah, you are right dis place sounds like this place is not home, but wait until it is finished then dis place will turn out to be a lovely home lol.

There seems to be so much pain in this life and I wonder if it is the way it must be, or the way we have created it to be. Perhaps before or later, these kinds of pains won't have the impact they do now. However, I think that loss is what makes us value life. If there was no death, I am not sure there would be any life.

I figured it might give an easy and possibly a fun initiative - I am sure it would bring a lot of silliness at least :)

So true my friend, so very true. Every death had me looking deeper at life, at the root and it remains hidden in mystery. Saw many opinions, past and present, but not one can come even close to truth. A mystery that mankind has been researching for over the ages and yet with all of our modern technology, the doctor that did the cancer surgery on the brain of our young friend last week told the family that they do not yet understand many sections of the brain. Not yet? He should have said never lol.

Since we have started manufacturing our own food, incidents and here we try to keep things as natural as possible. of cancer and other illnesses have increased dramatically

You are right, as it might be good for him and I didn't think about that.