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RE: Targeted Ads have become so intelligent and can even read my mind

in LeoFinance6 months ago

I am surrounded by advertising, needless to say that I receive a lot of them especially by mail.
However, I appreciate the fact that many are targeted, I don't mind advertising if it shows me something that I really would like to buy and that I may buy in the future.

Of course you shouldn't get carried away otherwise you risk spending a lot eh eh!

In any case they say that advertising is the soul of commerce and in my opinion it is true!


I'm lucky that I don't get bombarded with ads through the mail. I

Ads make are one of the main encouragers of spending.

Indeed yes, they make a lot of fun for you in the work you are doing with instacart; if you think about it, advertisements for good offers push people to buy and therefore to call you!😉💪

You’re right. When people are introduced to new things at the store, I very well could be the one purchasing the item for them.