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RE: Will Hive Follow LEO and Steem?

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Hive is alive.
And it will explode.
Maybe not tomorrow. But it will.

Few days ago I've started to put all my daily incomes from Leo and dCity into one single asset, into Hive.
That allows me to power up about 1000-1300 new Hive every day.
I hope I can double my Hive stake before mid summer. 300K HP would be sweet.
Before Hive really takes off

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dang 1,000 - 1,300 Hive per day that's impressive numbers but seriously motivates me even more now! Do you have ideas as to why you feel Hive will be thriving here soon? New work being done? Marketing? etc? Thanks!

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6th feeling.
Sound in my gut.
Hard to describe.

The growing atacks from Twitter, FB, Google and now even Amazon against free speech can not last forever.
Once millions of people finally say "enough of that", where do they go ?
Hive is so much ahead of all other alternatives. And growing. In

Damn Censorship.

More than 50% of my life was spoiled under communist regime. ussr.

Never ever again
I would rather die.

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