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RE: Cryptocurrencies mechanisms explained through simple math rather than descriptive stories | LEO Linear curation

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This linear curation is super easy to understand. Which was not at all before (and still is on Hive) when you have to find the optimal time somewhere in the small 2-4 minutes window. Voting with bot on the first 15 seconds (on Hive) can bring you in front of most whales, but rewards can be spoiled completely by the "to early" penalty. No fun. No joy. Just a pain in the a*s.

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You are right on that, the bots optimizations for time voting disappeared with this. I feel that we need more math like posts to translate such changes into example and the same some tutorial like flows like Liquidity Pools on Uniswap.

I am still to fully understand that as for example I hold some Ethereum on an exchange and is not clear for me what are the steps to put those i a Liquidity Pool. Can I use those from there, I need to transfer them and so forth...

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