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RE: Should I Buy an Oculus Quest 2? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

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While the technology is cool, I'd never buy an Oculus product due to its requirement that you link your Oculus account to Facebook. It would be one thing if Facebook merely owned Oculus and profited from its sales, but to mandate that users not only that you have a Facebook account and link it to Oculus, but that you actively use Facebook on a regular basis or risk having your Facebook (and Oculus) account suspended (in which case you have bought a very expensive brick rather than a VR device). This is especially true given the ever-increasing authoritarianism being pushed by Facebook and the faceless, algorithmic programs they use to permanently suspend accounts that run awry of their "rules" (often without any explanation or ability to appeal).


This has been broken, and might be made public soon. The group that broke it is trying to help the fight for "right to repair" which grants consumers the right to repair and modify hardware and vehicles they purchase regardless of what terms of service state.

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Yes fair point, I'm not a huge fan of Facebook myself!

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