Rigs Finally Came Outta the Closet!

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One last round before ETH mining goes kaput...

So essentially I've had all of my mining rigs piled in the closet since the beginning of 2018. I made a killing in 2017 with these bad boys, but when shit hit the fan it became completely unprofitable to mine.

One of my fancy rigs all pretty and optimized.

The last time I had these guys out, I was in such a rush to get them up and going that I didn't take the time to get the best hash rates and undervolt settings going.

I have heard that it's possible to get 32MH/s out of these RX580s, but I've not found a way to do it where they are stable. I am pretty happy with where there are at now:

956W for 183.74MH, not too shabby

I have 12 cards running with this exact configuration. It is extremely stable! My only complaint is that one card that keeps getting a bit warmer than I am comfortable with. I need to pull it apart and put some new pads and grease on it. I just haven't wanted the downtime.

These machines have run without a single hiccup for 4 weeks, so I hate to touch them!

Then there's the 4gb cards...

So long story short, I ended up with 12 extra RX580s as well. But sadly, they are 4GB cards. Back in 2017, I convinced two different friends to build themselves (I built them for them) 6 card rigs. They both bought 6 cards each, but got the 4gb cards instead of 8GB. This is after I told them which ones to get, but they didn't listen.

Well, after about a month, they both said 'fuck this' and gave me their rigs.. Well, they said 'pay me back in ether', which took me a couple of months to do. So long story short, I ended up with 12 extra cards which can no longer mine ether.

I currently have 8 of them in a rig mining RVN, which has been a nightmare getting stable. I don't know why, but I have trouble optimizing rigs to mine algorithms other than ETHash. Every algorithm has its own quirks.

Weird variable hashrate

I am still tweaking this one, but it is mostly stable at the moment. It seems to freeze up every few days or so with no error messages or explanation. I have a feeling it's an issue with power distribution. I am waiting for some 8pin power splitter cables in the mail that I ordered like a month ago. these stupid cables cost like $3-$6 apiece on amazon, but if I order them from out of the country, they are just a few cents each. I know that you get what you pay for, but I couldn't justify the cost for 24 of them.

I guess we'll find out if I made a wise choice if they end up being garbage!

I must say, it is a hard pill to swallow watching these RVN miners gobble electricity and make only a fraction of what the ETH miners are making. Especially on Los Angeles electric costs. It is insane!

I keep going back and forth about continuing mining, or selling the rigs while the mania is high. Just a few months ago, you could barely get 120 bucks each for these cards. Now a 6 card RX580 rig runs for $6000 or more on ebay.

I think for now I'll just keep mining. At least it gives me something to do while I am stuck at home looking after the little one!

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Not bad at all! I have two r9 290x still packed away from my early mining days lol They used to make a pretty penny when I first got them however they run super hot and are a huge suck on the power bill. Even tripped the circuit breaker once!

Once ETH makes changes do you have something in mind you want to mine next?

Hmm, it may be tough. Power is so expensive here in LA that it may not be worth switching to a new coin. I guess that we shall see what happens. There is going to be a lot of spare hash power out there, so something else might pop up for us to mine.

And BTW, I have tripped circuit breakers more times than I can count!

My one and only experience of Mining BOID Tokens was on my Mac Laptop, which was not really that successful (I would not recommend). However, it was interesting and fun learning! I also managed to mine it on my Son's old 486 Hewlett Packard Desktop Computer. Oh Man! that was so slow and running on Windows (which I hate LOL).

Wow, you were mining on a 486? I wonder if you could have found a bitcoin block on a 486 back in 2009 when it first launched. That would be an amazing story! Hehe. I used to run a BBS on a 386 back in 91. I miss those days.

I think I actually still have some BOID. I mined it for months, but really it was just burning power. I had hoped it would catch on and gain some value, but not so far.

That is awesome that you got them back out. I think if it were me, I would probably keep the one with the 8 GB cards and try to sell the other ones. I don't think it is going to be profitable enough in the long run to sustain the others. It feels like it is a game of diminishing returns at this point. Even with the bull market.