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RE: Hive: Finding A Niche

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Maybe if genre-specific communities get more support they can grow into something. There is still a lot that can be done here to improve the quantity of interaction between content creators and consumers. Improved content quality and diversifying the hive economy. People should be able to earn doing different things on the blockchain. For the social side, one of the mitigating factors to the growth of the blockchain has been the signing up process and the difficulty for non-users to interact with the system. Most blogging sites have options where non-bloggers can interact with their favorite authors. If such measures are implemented we will see a drastic growth in engagement.


Gaming certainly is an arena where headway can be made. We have a couple blockchain games on here now with at least a couple more ready for release soon.

That might attract a number of users. A game that even has a few thousand users is really not much in the gaming world.

What you say about the sign up process is correct and we will just have to wait and see. Ease of use is still something that is missing in the blocckhain/crypto world.

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