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RE: The Innovation Of Cryptocurrency

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Mining crypto with your car sounds cool to me. I don't mind mining with if someone figures how to do that.

Technology impacts almost every aspect of lives and there is a need for more computing power and I agree most of our devices will be contributing to that pool at some point and who knows what will happen when that becomes the case. Imagine paying for your car loan via mining rather than cash. But then I think, if the entire mining process because commonplace, what value will it hold?

Question: would you mind popping up on a Twitter space chat for the hivenaija community sometime in the future? I am trying to see if we can start more live discussions on Twitter about crypto/tech, to reach out to more people outside the hive ecosystem.

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I agree with you on using things to mine but how can we know how to do it if we don't learn it in the first place? The problem is know how we can get this kind of knowledge.

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Knowledge doesn't come to anyone's doorstep. We have to actively seek it and in the process of doing so we find what we are looking for or in some cases better.