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RE: Working Our Way Towards A Post Monetary Society

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My guess: in a decade time crypto will be used for everything. Blockchain technology will be an internal part of ourselves.
Crypto wallet will com inbuilt in our phones or the chips we would have in our brains or palms. It's not futuristic, it is present. These ideas are not far fetched.

Currently, there is a trust problem in the world. People dont trust their government or any form of authority. This creates an opportunity for a trustless society. What better technology to user us into that era other than blockchain technology.

Currently, I live off crypto. I couldn't have imagined this but I am. It is my reality. A year ago just a few people in my sphere knew about crypto, now every young person does. It only a matter of time before they start using it. I was lured into crypto via the prospect of monetizing my content. What might lure other young people might be a game or an app? It's only a matter of time--sooner than most of us think.

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Crypto is certainly picking up, especially in some select regions of the world. The worse the present system is there, the greater the attraction to crypto.

This will keep spreading across the globe.

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