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RE: Account Ownership: Undervalued Aspect To Hive

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The future is in the hand of the people. I believe when the time comes they will choose decentralization over centralization. It might not seem so now but once the masses began to see the potential of crypto and decentralization they will never want to go back. Companies like Facebook can only try to maintain the status quo but they will fail woefully. The future is decentralized.

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The future is decentralized.

That will be the case if we keep pushing forward and growing. If people remain asleep and keep gravitating towards Twitter, Facebook, and the like, then we will see a bad future ahead for many.

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it is usually the case where the masses come in late. crypto is going mainstream and people are becoming curious about this sphere. That is a positive sign for me. The attempt by major cooperate entities to buy their way through will be futile in the long run. In fact, they will play an important role in getting the masses here. Well, only time will tell. fingers crossed.

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We are still awaiting the "Killer DApp" that will pull in large numbers and serve as the major proof of concept.

Hopefully projectblank will fill that void. IT will be great if we could get 50K or 100K users in the first few months.

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