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RE: Why is there so much STEM price action lately?

in LeoFinance11 months ago

Why do I have this strange feeling. I didn't have it a few seconds ago... It's like, I'm going to miss a bus, but I don't remember standing at a bus stop...

What sorcery is this!


That or get hit by one!

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OMG! Not again! Invisible busses!

Which way do I run!

 11 months ago 

Run backwards.

You're a genius! Thanks! Which way do I face!

 11 months ago 

Your choice.

I'll pick forwards!

Did you know apes have sex facing each other.

Of course I knew that. How could I forget a face like that...

Lol, this one is funny😂

Reminds me of the other day. I was at the bus stop and someone came over and asked me how long the bus was. I shrugged and responded “most likely the same length as the last one”.

I know which one is mine because it's short.

Never run!!


What kind of science community is this? Expect me to just FLY away?!

Well, they do say that according to the laws of aerodynamics that a bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly but it can and does so come on man. Figure it out, start flying!!

I guess I better start working on my buzz then...

If only hivebuzz dropped in at this very moment

Are we late? 😇

Why is this starting to sound like an energy drink commercial? Hivebuzz. It gives you wings.