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RE: What Tribe Miner has the best ROI?

in LeoFinance6 months ago

If I bought enough Hive power for a vote worth a penny, how long would it take to earn that money back through upvoting? I realize there are plenty of variables but I'll settle with a ballpark figure. Chop chop do some math.

 6 months ago (edited)

~7 years without posting.

You could power down at any point and have you initial investment back.

Yeesh. That's still reasonable, I suppose, if that member was throwing the money away in order to support content, like people do on other platforms and in general when it comes to any form of entertainment. And yes, they can have their money back at any point, which is a great deal. Often those consumer types will spend, then spend again, and again and again again. Disposable income.