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RE: Should We Trust Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Vision?

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I have followed Saylor closely since he announced to the world that his company invested part of its profits in dollars into bitcoin, an action that generated a lot of impact in the world. Regarding what you think about gold is a reality, I still do not understand how some believe that it is possible to consider making direct payments with this metal? ...

I don't think it's very safe to walk through the streets of an unsafe city with a bag of gold in your hands, those who believe that this is modern and optimal with our times should rethink their presence in this social network.

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Once upon a time gold was really a currency, but you are right in your concerns, it is not possible in this unsafe era.

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  • The truth is that I don't see how physical gold can surpass BTC as a safe haven in the digital age, considering that in a few years even our household appliances will generate income in cryptocurrencies.

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That's a great point. We live in a combination of a real and digital worlds now. It just makes sense to have a native digital money more than ever. I haven't thought about that.