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As part of my new college course which I have started from January. I will use this as a chance to share what I am learning with the @leofinance community while documenting my new lessons by blogging about them for myself. What better way to study my topic in depth than by writing all about it on the chain and for others to read and question it.

Module – Finance for fintech.

Lecture 1: Introduction to finance.


  • Reach an understanding of what finance is.
  • Explain the roles of accounting and finance.
  • Explain the relevance of finance and accounting.

Main body

Traditionally there are three types of finance and accounting functions.

Financial accounting:

Recording of past transactions and creating statements of transactions. Profit/loss statements, cashflow statements ect...

Management accounting:

Day to day control of accounts. Budgets, costs, analysis ect...

Financial management:

Long term financial planning. Forecasts and appraisals.

The function of a financial manager is to get the best return on investment for their investors.

There are various faucets to financial management, also called the 6M's

  • Man
  • Money
  • Materials
  • Marketing
  • Moments (Time)
  • Machines

Accounting is then the collection and analysis of financial information which is vital to make more informed decisions. It is vital for planning and financial management.

This information is important to a lot of different parties as it affects a wide range of user groups. The finacial information of a business will show how well that business is running and what measures will need to be taken to ensure further smooth running in the future or what steps will need to be taken to get it running smoothly.
This is relevant to investors, workers, customers, financiers, suppliers ect.... So having accurate accounts will show what is going on and help with the financial planning going forward.


Finance is the the whole body of work that goes into running a business. It has internal and external factors and is based around making the most profit for the inventors. They want a maximum return on investment which only comes from a well run and well planned business model.

Accounting itself is not just the numbers. It is pure information. To make educated decisions, you need all of the information and this is where accounting comes into play. It holds the information needed to plan finances and this will help to make better financial decisions going forward.

This information is relevant to a number of different user groups and effects every part of the process. When creating accounts it is important to know for whom and for what purpose they are being created for maximum effectiveness.

Management accounting is based on the needs of business managers while financial accounting meets the needs of the other user groups.

I think that this should summarize it fairly well. The role that finance and accounting have to play in the running of any business.

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Finance: math for people that like money and not just for dorks "I think that this should summarize it fairly well" :P

I like money so this sounds like the perfect course for me right now.
The only math that I want to do is seeing how much hive i will need to retire at forty and have a fun life.

Price x Stake / Time.

I'm thinking about 1M should do nicely. How hard can that be??

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better buddy up with more whales if you want to reach 1M in Hive :D

Sounds like a plan. 👍
I'll stop replying to minnows going forward and only focus on the big account. 😂

Create one bot in order to write every determinate period of time till you get enough rewards for your retirement...

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Good idea, to write on your studies!!

Thanks. It keeps me posting while I spend a lot of my time studying.
Since it's a course in business and blockchain it's very relevant for the community and Leo.

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