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RE: STEMGeeks Second Hackathon

in LeoFinancelast month

Well let's hope the hatchet can be buried and there can be a coordinated effort in these 'other places' to stop two separate marketing initiatives becoming competitive rather than complimentary.


lets all just unite behind FERRENGI GREED and teh rules of acquisition

unite STEmgeeks and all science fans on hive behind STAR TREK you cannot go wrong

i even wrote a proposal on telos , didnt pass but im glad i wrote it, for a real life holodeck script writing deac, basically just use discussions hive and telos proposals as a simple modular script dac just we all write scripts together an dget er done

we pump out REALLY good sci fi scripts starting with star trek so we can REALLy make some powerful fan based star trek WORTHY of the money and talent we now see going into productions... like AXANAR

we need to go deeper into science fiction to attrract interest in science fact

philip k dick hive stemgeeks script writing X prize for example

also Hive and wax and telos AtomicAssets NFTs can be made into Books we can then sell on book markets lik my TELOS BOOKS idea @dan would im sure love the idea of an NFT votable dictionary for his randomized hiarchial justice system and church cryptocracy