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RE: Engagement project - 14th Februrary top engagers - Get curated for enaging with others - First day curation stats .

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This is an excellent initiative mate and thanks for doing it. It also looks like a lot of hard work but hopefully, with your scripts, you can automate some of the transfers!
Best wishes with it and I hope you can keep it up :-)

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I replied to you but not sure where it went lol.

Anyway yes I have automated most of the things . It will pick up yesterday's comments , calculate the quality based on various factors .

But the only thing I keep on working everyday is to improve the calculations for quality .
Why? Because 100 comments a day doesn't mean anything if it is of bad quality . I hope you get what I mean .
I want to make the ranking as fair as possible.

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I do not realize if my name in ctp list .. I love ctp community

You are rank 9 in the CTPTalk list. It only counts comments made from the CTPTalk front-end and I guess there were not many participants today.

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It is there lebah . But seems like you have made only one comment from CTP frontend.
Remember - you have to go to frontend and post only then it will be counted.

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Absolutely agree. Comment farming has always been a problem on-chain. Still people today simply typing 'great content' or 'good work'. I'd suggest weeding any that you find like this by reporting them to Hivewatchers on their report form. Hopefully, this will cut down on you manually having to check comments.

You could also perhaps apply a word count filter?

The last thing is to perhaps have a word with @abh12345, he has been running an excellent engagement league for years. Very nice fella and very approachable, I'm sure he'd give you some advice :-)

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Thanks for the write-up :D

amr008 contacted me on discord worried there was too much overlap but what he's doing here is pretty cool and requires more technical skills!

One of the dilemma I am facing is not counting less than 3 words comment.

Sometimes it matters you know -

Like if you ask which is the best token then I will reply LEO. Should I consider it or not ?

I am fine tuning the calculations .

Also yeah as soon as I announced this project I went to @abh12345 , he gave very valuable inputs .

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