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Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever
– Mahatma Gandhi


Since getting into the crypto space, some years ago now, I (like many others) have had an insatiable desire to consume more and more information. Traditionally, I'd spend my time looking up and having a go at a process/protocols/DeFi etc., before blogging about them and sharing my newfound knowledge with others. Generally speaking that is one thing I think that the crypto space does well, there are a lot of really intelligent people out there and as well as driving this new(er) frontier they often produce really thoughtful content which we can learn from. Similarly, it is a new enough space that anyone can get involved and have an impact.

Until recently I'd focused all my learning online, reading about projects, following prominent bloggers and having a go myself. However, in my fervor to learn about something new constantly I overlooked the most pivotal foundational project for the whole space, Bitcoin. Sure I had learned a while ago the basics about mining, storing and sending BTC but the fundamental economics underpinning this behemoth had passed me by. As such I've taken some time recently to redress the balance in this regard by setting myself a reading list. This is just the start of my journey down the rabbit hole...

Reading material

The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous


This is where I started my reading material. It was touted as being one of the books (if not the book) that convinced Michael Saylor to take MicroStrategy and completely rebuild it for a digital age, with all disposable capital invested in Bitcoin. I cannot get over just how much I learned from this book, it covered the fundamental understanding of the history and evolution of money/human transactions from shells, stones and glass beads right up to the implementation of the gold standard and finally decoupling from asset backed money that we have today. As well as explaining the evolution of money this book also highlights how the importance of sounds monetary policy can have lasting impact on world peace, prosperity and technological/social development. If you haven't read this book yet I would get yourself a copy and sit down over the holidays to digest it. Even if you don't trust in the Austrian School of Economics world view I think you will find it both challenging and through provoking.

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin - Vijay Boyapati


Similar in some respects to 'The Bitcoin Standard' this second book is much more concise, being originally written as a longform article. I found this a really easy read which, as well as going over the economic benefits Bitcoin, also covered a little more on the history of the development of Bitcoin, from the early cypherpunk movement to the first iterations of the electronic cash systems and their failures. This book left me with a sense of wonderment at the achievement of Satoshi Nakamoto, having solved all of the previous failings and built an finely balance system one which a future decentralized monetary system could be built upon. Given that this is a relatively short book I'd definitely consider adding this as a socking filler for any family/friends that you're trying to push off the fence and into wonderland.

The Price of Tomorrow - Jeff Booth


My latest read, which I am currently on the last chapter of, takes a little bit of a step back and moves away from the purely Bitcoin Maxi narrative that can be set by the other two books. In 'The Price of Tomorrow' Jeff Booth takes a more generalized look and the deflationary nature of our technology; the constant, relentless, exponential development and refinement of the world in which we live. Where processes are continually bettered by technology (and market conditions) and how no industry (or for that matter human job) is truly safe forever. In a way this book actually reinforces why I (and most likely you) started out on this quest to devour more and more knowledge. It touches on the social importance of our behavior and the systems we build around ourselves and discusses the recent rise in adversarial behavior, populism and (to an extent) extremism as a reaction to the current clash between inflationary and deflationary systems that are happening around us. As a technology person I have really enjoyed this book and if you are someone who likes to have an eye on the future and be involved in it, as it is realized, I'd say above all this is a great book for you.

To Read List

While this journey only started recently I'm by no means done, it seems that every time I turn over one page there is another bit of information there waiting for me to pick it up and explore. As such I've also ordered in the next book on the list below and will continue on to the other once I am done.

  • The Book Of Satoshi: The Collected Writings of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto - Phil Champagne
  • 21 Lessons: What I've Learned from Falling Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole - Gigi
  • Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age - James Dale Davidson

If you feel there are other books you would highly recommend please share them in the comments. I've found so far that the best things I've read have been recommendations from like-minded individuals. Similarly, if you have read these book and have any feedback/thoughts or comments I'd be interested in hearing your take on it.


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