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RE: Crypto Financial Innovation Just Getting Started

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Yes i think we have a long way to go. For some reason many of the new crypto innovations that hit the market each year that are suppose to change the future of finance. They often times feel gimmicky to me and don't quite achieve their goals. It would seem this happens every year. We have this next new big thing.

Alot of attention this year was on defi and nfts. Defi is certainly something there in the realm i believe of time locking deposits. Seems to work for products like cd's as such. However many of the defi products have played out and felt like ponzi schemes. Certainly not much talk about them now as the beginning of the year.

Inflation is a problem in many crypto projects. However i don't think inflation is ever going to be a bigger issue than solving network issues like growth or simply having a good way forward to help us get a much more accurate value of your product. I'm afraid locking up coins i don't know the value of doesn't really help me alot. So many crypto projects become like shell games in how they handle their inflation. Inflation i believe has to be different in crypto and handled relational to the growth rate. If you have no growth and significant use then i don't think inflation should even be a focus.

So i haven't really seen a product yet in crypto that i felt addresses this well. Some have come close but had other shortcomings. As someone mentioned in your threads alot of what's fueling the demand for crypto is banks and institutions. Not so much who it's meant to be for the people trying to cut out the middle man. So i see that as a huge issue. I don't think it's good at all. However I believe there's going to be products that do it in the future. Which ones who knows.

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