We Invite You to MX100 Investor Event

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The debut of MX100, a multimedia metaverse event that takes place on December 20, 2022 close to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE, has been announced by us.

The event is designed to showcase the most cutting-edge entrepreneurs from the entire region against a backdrop of the most recent metaverse-focused technologies.

Edward Musinski, Executive Director of MxHub

We are MxHub, Dubai's newest Innovation Center and Incubator. The UAE's MxHub Innovation Ecosystem is a part of the UAE Digital Holdings Fund's Phygital Holdings. By supporting its expanding ecosystem of cutting-edge startups with corporate infrastructure, the company hosts numerous international businesses. Outside of Dubai, MxHub is a one-stop startup incubator that offers a comprehensive range of support services to businesses aiming to establish themselves in the UAE market.

Visit MxHub for more details.

Event Video: