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RE: Financial Freedom Will Be In Everyone's Grasp

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Crypto is truly an amazing way to gain financial freedom. Doesn't mean we shouldn't be smart about it, invest wisely, etc. And at times it may not feel that way, like when I got in at the end of 2017, haha. But perseverance pays off. And if you don't go into it with the get rich quick mentality, it's awesome.


Weathering the bear markets can be tough. Not doubt about it. That is why I feel long term outlook is crucial. People need to realize that the bear eventually does end.

However, it is during the bear that one needs to build.

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So true! I bought at the peak of the 2017 boom. Then downhill from there, I was a little miserable for a bit, haha. But didn't sell, just held. Now, look where we are. So awesome.