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RE: 3D Printed Homes: More Disruption Coming

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What I don't yet understand is that if progress has reached so far - why are we still building boxes! Where is our imagination?

Let's make circles, triangles, pentagons and hexagonal boundaried structures with a domed roof or something that works ergonomically with the sun or the wind!


The technology is still new.

When technology is first introduced, people use their existing reference points. Thus, houses were always boxes, lets build automated boxes.

There are a few models out there where the contour changed. In the next 5 years, you will see creativity added to the equation. The first generation is focused upon getting the technology to work properly. That is their major goal now. After that, we will see what you describe.

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I'm one of those crazy people that believe the shape of the structure you live in affects your thinking.

I feel not enough exploration has been done in this regard. We just make boxes because they seem efficient. But are they?

The way oranges are stored in a grocery shop is another form of efficiency.

I lived in an eco village south of London once and everyone built their own homes. Only a couple of us ventured outside of the box.

I made a structure that was pentagonal. It was an exciting project.