100$ Split Into Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Every Week. Week #25 - Ultimate Dip!

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After the LUNA crash, the market has only seen more bad news. The ground below crypto investors feet is being shaken. Celsius has halted withdrawals. And the overall market sentiment is bad. Inflation is high. And we might be going into a recession.

But the experiment must go on. And I will keep buying. And who knows. Maybe this is the best time to buy.

Previous update here!

About the experiment

Follow along my journey of investing 100$ every week split equally into the Top 10 cryptocurrencies at the time. I will post updates about the overall growth of my experimental portfolio as well as some insights about the biggest winners and losers of the portfolio.I am not including stablecoins in my experiment, and will not be staking or earning interest on any cryptocurrency in this experimental portfolio. The purpose of this experiment is to see if investing weekly in Top 10 cryptocurrencies is a feasible long-term investment strategy and to measure it against other common strategies. For the purposes of this experiment, I will also not take into account trading fees, so I can invest an equal amount of dollar value into each of the cryptocurrencies.

Week # 25 - DOWN 56.29%


Total value: 1,049.17$

Total invested: 2400$

Profit/Loss: -1,350.93$

Portfolio vs BTC:


Portfolio: -57.2%

BTC(same period): -46.64%

Portfolio vs the S&P500 YTD:


Portfolio: -57.2%

S&P500 YTD: -22.9%

Biggest winners of the week:

Solana has managed to get into the green territory, that's about it.

1.SOL - 4.2%

2.DOT - -2%

3.ADA - -7.5%

Biggest losers of the week:

1.STETH - -27.8%

2.ETH - -26.4%

3.BTC - -25.6%

Week #25 - pie chart

Pie chart of holdings before acquisitions.


List of Top 10 cryptocurrencies and their prices at the moment.


Changes in Top 10:



Purchases - 100$

1.BTC +0.000501 Price $19969.91

2.ETH +0.00932 Price $1072.90

3.BNB +0.0484 Price $206.54

4.ADA +21.45 Price $0.466038

5.XRP +31.5 Price $0.317454

6.SOL +0.3097 Price $32.28

7.DOT +1.36 Price $7.35

8.DOGE +171.5 Price $0.058312

9.TRX +166.2 Price $0.060169

10.WBTC+00.000498 Price $20088.87

Portfolio after purchases:

Total value: 1,157.02$

Total invested: 2500$

Profit/Loss: -1,343.08$

%Change: -53.72%

Pie chart after purchases:


Stay tuned for an update next week!

I will post an update of:

  • Overall value change of portfolio
  • My weekly purchase
  • Changes in Top 10 cryptocurrency list
  • Biggest gainers and losers of portfolio

Thank you for reading!

Feel free to comment and leave some feedback.

Good luck with your investments! Let the money do the work!

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