Web 3 can be a great tool for protesting injustice

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Lately there is a lot of discussion about Web 3 in Leo Finance Tribe. In fact, it is an important topic that is going to change the world of the Internet. Web 3 has several advantages that can suppress censorship. There are some powerful governments all over the world who are ruling the countries unjustly. It is very difficult to protest against them through Web 2. Web 3 is very necessary to stop them because they are controlling other social medias.

Some tyrannical terrorist organizations and some tyrannical governments have large and powerful networks. They can catch and harm anyone. If you speak against them, you have to be killed or else they will jail you with a big case. They don't care about what is true and what is false, they just want to stay in power. If you tell the truth they will definitely put you in jail. Freedom of speech is only on paper, in reality they don't care about freedom of speech.

These governments can do anything to retain power, loot the country's property, destroy the country's economy by corruption, but none of you can say anything against them. If any international TV channel reports against them then it is banned for the people of these countries. Other armed forces including the police are under their control. Web 3 can be a tool of the people against the oppressed, by which the people can fight against all the wrongdoers.

Web 3 is decentralized so no one else can control your content. You can hide your identity on Web3. Then your safety is more assured. No one can touch you. You can protest against any injustice without harming yourself. Web 3 will give you the most security. No one can block your content. They can only give some feedback about your opinion. They can write against you but not ban your content. As a result, if you are truthful then no one can stop you. I hope you can work smoothly without any hindrance. You never want anyone to tamper with your content.

You can hide your location using VPN in Web 2 but in Web 3 you can hide your location without using any VPN. So your personal security will not be disturbed.

As a result of web 2 centralization, they can delete your content at any time. This type of problem does not exist in Web3. Blockchains store your data and do not allow anyone else to interfere.

Where Web 2 data is stored by a tech giant. But Web 3's data will be stored in distributed nodes. As a result, no government can interfere with your information. They cannot track your location. As a result your security is not compromised. Suppose you make a post on Facebook that offends a wrongdoer, then they will send a letter to Facebook asking for your account details. Facebook will hand over various information about you, such as mobile number, email number and your location. It only takes a few days for them to find you. As a result, you are not safe in Web 2. You will never face this type of problems in Web 3. Web3 does not share your information with any powerful government.

We are all born free and want to live free. Web 3 gives us freedom and does not stop speech. We can move freely, express our thoughts, communicate with each other more quickly in web 3. We all need to use Web 3. Stay safe everyone

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