How to separate gold from mobile phone motherboard

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Gold is a very good electrical conductor that is why gold is used in various circuits of mobile phone motherboards. It is possible to separate the gold used in the motherboard of the mobile phone. There are many old mobile circuits around us and we can easily separate gold from all these circuits. You may have seen various mobile circuits lying in the dustbin or in an abandoned place, many of us do not know that there is gold in them. In this post I will discuss with you how to separate gold from all these circuits.


We need to follow some steps to separate the gold from the circuit in the mobile phone. First collect 5 to 10 mobile motherboards. Clean them well. Buy some amount of nitric acid from the store. Take a clean pot. Insert the clean motherboard into the pot. Then pour enough water. Then carefully pour the nitric acid bought from the store into the container. After a few seconds delay you will see that the reaction has started in the pot. The motherboard contains other metals such as copper besides gold. These metals actually react with nitric acid but gold does not react with nitric acid. The reaction you see in that vessel is due to copper, other metals and nitric acid.

You wait half an hour then you separate the acid from the pot. This means pouring acid out of the pot. You can see that there is some substance in the bottom of the pot. Some of the acid will also stick to the pot on the motherboard. You pour hot water into the pot to separate this acid from the motherboard. Pour again and take this hot water out of the pot. If you clean the pot three or four times in this way, nitric acid will not be in the pot. Then you can see that there is some substance in the bottom of the pot. This substance is gold.


There may be some gold gently attached to the motherboard. Carefully fix them with a brush. Then fill the pot with water and pour the water gently. The gold will be deposited under the water under the feet and if you pour the water you will get this gold. Then pour the gold nuggets into a small pot. Then hit the pot and turn the water on the gold to evaporate and dry the gold. Then apply heat again to the gold. Use Disodium tetraborate when applying heat as Disodium tetraborate helps to melt gold. Pour the Disodium tetraborate over and over again and keep applying heat to the gold. Once you see the dream is completely melted then cool the gold. When the gold cools down it will turn into a small ball. Immerse the gold ball in nitric acid for a while. Then remove the gold sphere from the nitric acid and clean the nitric acid. This way you will get a small sphere of gold. The value of the gold sphere you get from the circuit of the motherboard can be much higher than the value of your labor.

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I remember in the 90s. in front of the markets were buyers of radio components with gold elements, it was like the wild west). And, from blunder pencils, which were sold in a pharmacy, as a remedy for warts and from x-rays and photographic film, silver was mined).

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Gold and silver seem to have been used in various circuits for a long time

At that time, there were no computers, but there were transistors...then little attention was paid to lead and copper, which skyrocketed in price.

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I don't know the quantity of gold in todays electronic products.
When I left the industry decades ago, they are already making progress on the development of replacing gold with copper.
They cannot get away with gold though, and I believe that it is still being used on high-quality gadgets/products. That is what makes them more expensive. 🙂



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I see these days some circuit buyers are going from house to house buying mobile circuits