How to clean your gold ornaments

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We need to clean our gold later when dirt accumulates in our gold. When gold is used, dirty dirt destroys the luster of gold. . So it looks bad to see gold. There is no need to go to a goldsmith to clean the gold. Gold can be easily cleaned at home. Cleaning gold in your own home will save you money and reduce your hassle. Finding a goldsmith and taking the gold to him and then bringing it back home when the gold is clear is a lot of trouble. So gold is much better to clean at home.


Now let us discuss how you can clean gold at home. A pot will be needed first. If the pot is a glass bowl. Or if you have a pot at your convenience. Heat some water in a pan in the oven. When the water starts to evaporate, pour the water into a glass bowl. Take a shampoo you use. Mix the amount of shampoo in hot water. Pour your gold into a mixture of shampoo and hot water. Then wait 15 to 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes you take it out of the gold bowl. You will see that the dirt has separated from your gold body. Your gold is shining brightly. Then take a brush. Take a small amount of shampoo on the brush and rub it with gold. This will leave the rest of the dirt on the gold. Then wash your gold thoroughly in clean water. You can see that your gold has become much brighter. It's just as bright as it was when you bought your gold.

This way you will not have any problem if you clean the gold at home. You can use it to clean gold very easily. Cost and time will both be saved. No need to do extra tension.

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Baby shampoo works well , very gentle without the added scents and various other skin/hair conditioning ingrediants.

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It is necessary we keep and sustained our gold most of the time to keep it hygiene

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