Gold asteroid 16 Psyche, lots of gold, 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 value in USD

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Although the amount of gold on our planet, ie the earth, is less, but there is no shortage of gold in the universe There is a huge amount of metals like gold, iron, copper etc. in the universe which is beyond our imagination There is no shortage of gold in our solar system. Although there is less gold on Earth, there is a gold planet between Mars and Jupiter. If this gold is not in the world, then we will all become millionaires in the world The name of this asteroid is 16 Psyche The weight of this planet is one percent of the weight of the moon. 16 Psyche contains a lot of gold, iron, necklace, silicon, platinum and many other precious metals. The size of this asteroid is 140 miles 226 kilometers This means that the asteroid is as big as a city Scientists say the former asteroid was a planet that turned into a meteorite with a terrifying explosion. Meteorites cannot transform into planets due to the formation of rocks. There are many meteorites floating in our solar system. The amount of gold in this comet is 500 Quinn trillion US dollars. One quinn trillion is equal to 1000000000000000000 usd. Then you can understand how much gold is inside this asteroid. It is possible for scientists to carry out this expedition The space agency NASA is already preparing to launch an asteroid mission. They will send a spaceship to this asteroid. However, they are not campaigning to bring the gold in the asteroid. They said they were only conducting expeditions to study the meteorite. By 2026, their spacecraft could reach the meteorite.

We all love to get gold What if we all had a lot of gold? It is not possible for everyone to have a huge amount of gold because there is very little gold in the world. The price of gold is much more because of the small amount of gold in the world If a huge amount of gold can be imported from the world then the price of gold will go down a lot. Then no one will try to buy gold If this asteroid is brought to Earth then the Earth's economy could be destroyed. Because you all know that if the import of gold from another planet is huge then the demand for gold in the market will no longer exist. As a result, the price of gold will continue to decline. If the price of gold goes down, the economy will become unstable. Which will have an adverse effect on the world economy. That is why importing gold from outside the world will do more harm than good to the people of the world.

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Will I finally own a solid gold bidet for my bathroom? 🚽

Thanks for bringing that !! Who is going to explore this asteroid? who is going to be the owner of this asteroid? Human are greedy!!

If our planet collided with this metorite, I don't think anyone would deal with the price of gold ... There would be no one left who would worry about it ...


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If there are minig companies that mine gold in asteroid, the price of gold will be in red like bitcoin .. lol