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RE: 3D Printed Homes: More Disruption Coming

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ICON system is known to be able to reduce costs by about 50%, time near 40%, and use 75% less materials for the base of the structure.

This is something big. I'm sure with time as they improve their technology, we'd be getting beautiful architectures which otherwise are not possible.

The house which is constructed by the Indian company is an excellent one, considering how the houses are built there. I hope, these houses won't be heavy on the pocket and would be affordable for a common man, because it is normal in India and Pakistan to make a huge profit on new things even if they are supposed to be otherwise.


I would expect, like all things, there will be price leveraging to start. However, a technology like this makes building a commodity. Whenever something goes digital, it is ultimately becomes a commodity. This pushes the value down once competition can get involved inexpensively.

Just look at information and the transfer of that. It is basically a commodity at this time since anyone can create it and send it.

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