Mind-Blowing Updates That Will Change Your Conversational AI Experience

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ChatGPT4 is mind blowing, if your mind isn’t blown yet, you're missing out on one of the most exciting updates in the world of conversational AI.

OpenAI recently pushed an update that allows ChatGPT to access the history of chats, which means it can now store conversations and draw information from them to inspire the continuation or flow of an idea. This update opens up a world of possibilities and is truly mind-blowing.

Before ChatGPT 4, when you prompted it to go back into an old conversation, it would tell you it's only a language model and couldn't process information from previous chats. But now, with ChatGPT 4, the capacity for more has been added.


The ability to remember conversations means that ChatGPT can relate to old conversations and draw inspiration or information from them, making it more personal and tailored to the way you think.

Imagine having your own personal ChatGPT that remembers your conversations and draws inspiration from them. It's like having a personal assistant that knows exactly how you think and can help you with anything you need.

Think about it. You’re the only one that knows how you use “your” ChatGPT on your personal device, If “your” ChatGPT can remember “your” conversations, and draw inspiration or information from them then how more personal can it get?

It’s not until OpenAI says, “hey everyone, you can now personalize your ChatGPT in the way you wish”, no, this is already happening, as many people have customized their ChatGPT 4 to be more personal and tailored to their needs. Some have even given their ChatGPT a name, making it feel like a real assistant.

For example, a Twitter user customized their ChatGPT 4 to be their boss, named it HustleGPT, giving them instructions on how to make the most of $100 while running an online business.


This has become a sensation and a challenge that many people are taking part in. Another user named their ChatGPT "HornyGPT," which shows how personal and unique these experiences can be.

However, it's important to note that all of the data is going through OpenAI, so there are privacy concerns to keep in mind. But the potential for this technology is maddening, and it's exciting to see where it will go in the future.

In addition to the ability to remember conversations, ChatGPT 4 has also fixed some previous issues, such as the word count limit when coding.

Coding with no code exercises sometimes requires the code to be broken up and continued in another window, but ChatGPT 3 had a word count limit that made it difficult to continue coding. I personally experienced this during my coding with no code adventure..

ChatGPT 4 has extended the amount of word tokens that can be generated, making it easier to continue coding and improving the overall experience.


Furthermore, ChatGPT 4 has a plug-in ability that is still being tested but has already shown promising results.

For example, there is a travel agent plug-in that assists with everything pertaining to your trip, from booking the cheapest flight to providing recommendations for activities. This turns your ChatGPT into a travel agent specialist, making planning a trip even easier.

Lastly, ChatGPT 4 now has the ability to access real-time information, which was previously a challenge. This means that it can now provide more up-to-date information and is no longer limited by its previous data.

ChatGPT 4 is an incredible update that opens up a world of possibilities for conversational AI. With the ability to remember conversations, extend word count limits, use plug-ins, and access real-time information, ChatGPT 4 is truly mind-blowing.

It costs $20 monthly to gain access to ChatGPT4, at this point I think it’s worth it. If one can properly tap into it’s potential, they will achieve great results and reap immense benefits from it, the future of work has been changed forever. Stay tuned for the next posts in this series, where we will dive deeper into each of these features and explore their potential uses.

Thanks for reading.

Follow up with the HustleGPT challenge here.

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This just makes me want to start working on my own, it would be handy to personalise my own while having it help out to keep me going strong in whatever I do that it can help in!

With the way I use my ChatGPT 3, I’m sure it already knows me even without the memory feature Lool. I can’t wait to lay my hands on ChatGPT4,

it would be handy to personalise my own while having it help out to keep me going strong in whatever I do that it can help in!

Certainly! That’s the mind blowing thing.

I need to start thinking of a name for mine lol

Bro, please share with me a source to go read up on this AI chat thing, I have been ignoring and postponing, I am doing myself no good for acting old.

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You don’t need to read up on anything. Just sign into it and start using it like you’ll use Google. From there you’ll start to see it’s amazing capabilities. Come back and give me feedback

Great am onto it! Thanks

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How are you using chatgpt?

I use it as my personal assistant basically. I use it to code or learn to code, I linked what I’ve built so far in the post above, it’s also a fine replacement for Google for me, I use it to work on my side gigs where I use it to schedule and create tweets. I also use it to learn new things easily, it does a great job at explaining stuff

Interesting. I mostly used as an alternative to google.

I will. Thanks

Your post somehow caused me to write something today. Thanks!

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Good to know. Looking forward to reading your post.

I just changed the $100 question into $200 just to describe the free photo from pexels.com.

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damn, i didn't realize gpt4 was so crazy!

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You’ve not seen the half of it

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