In The Future, NFT’s Will Be Intelligent

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Who said NFT’s are done when they’ve barely only started? Apparently there’s a next evolution of NFT’s with the aim to combine AI and NFT’s together to create intelligent NFT’s, iNFT’s. What the heck right?

Remember in Harry Potter how pictures moved and acted like they were real within their frames? Or when letters spoke? Needless to say the movie was way ahead of its time, few years after the movie was released, we started to see images as animated jpegs, GIF’s, and what was so much of fiction about them became a an extent.

Through Alethea AI, we are now at the inception of creating images that are live on the blockchain, are intelligent, interactive, generative, and imbued with real personalities.

An iNFT is an Intelligent NFT that is embedded with Intelligence in the form of an AI personality.
The AI imbued into the NFT enables it to be interactive, generative, scalable, and unique in its various personality traits.

iNFTs have access to networked Intelligence through Alethea AI’s protocol and will be capable of sense-making and possibly human-level Intelligence in the coming decades.

In Harry Potter, there was a particular scene where the Bank of Gringots was broken into, it was the talk of the town, literally, even pictures hung on the wall and in newspapers spoke about it. The interesting thing is that all this fiction is gradually becoming a reality.

Eventually, the picture frames we hang on our walls will become fully digital, they will be powered by electricity and the internet, perhaps with rechargeable batteries, they will be interactive and intelligent, yes we will be able to speak to them and they will speak back. But this will only be one of the many applications that will spring forth from it.

Alethea AI team is going further to create an intelligent metaverse called Noah’s Ark, they claim that it will help preserve and evolve the culture, stories and collective intelligence of the human species through the medium of intelligent Non-Fungible Tokens.

Alethea AI is building a decentralized protocol to create an Intelligent Metaverse inhabited by interactive and intelligent NFTs (iNFTs).

Ultimately the goal of the integration of iNFT’s and the Noah’s Ark metaverse is to explore the depths of human personalities through the collaborative efforts of an intelligent hivemind that could contribute immensely to the growth of our culture, stories and future.

Operations such as increasing the level of intelligence of an iNFT and offering of other services within the Noah’s Ark metaverse will be tokenized through ERC20 ALI token, as more functions and capabilities are unlocked.

I don’t think a lot of people are ready for what the next decade will be like, its going to be scary to many as most are not used to it, its going to happen gradually then all at once as we already see it happening. Personally, I think it’s going to be so much fun. The Noah’s Arks metaverse is just one out of the many to come, each with their distinctiveness, solution and value propositions.

The future has already begun. Kindly share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

This article only Contains a minuscule part of what Alethea’s iNFT’s entirely entails. Kindly do your own research.

To read more about Alethea’s iNFT’s

Alethea’s iNFT whitepaper

Thanks for reading.

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This is crazy, the world is evolving so much, and sadly people are going to fight against it as much as they can.

It’s fun too, for those who’ll be open to the new, but for those who don’t like change they might find it hard to adjust. It’s always better to acclimatize oneself to change quickly, you know what they say about early worms.

If you’re here now, you’re still early, we will be able to synchronize ourselves with each system being built, we will be different from those who are just going to start learning each aspects in future as we are already living it.

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That is so true, experience-based knowledge will always triumph.

Yes you are starting to see some of the picture that is emerging.

We are in very exciting times. It is vital that people start to see what is truly being developed.

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Yes and also becoming part of it...early

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WOW. I'm speechless. But I'mma read about this too. I see that fiction is becoming reality. In your own opinion, would we have flying cars soon?

Well, we already have airplanes of different shapes and sizes, we may not see flying cars as cars that are flying but we will see pods with the capability to fly that are able to carry human beings around.

The ones I’ve seen look like drones but big drones. Online ofcourse.

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Oh Wow 😳

Imagine how the media will look like in ten years from now. I wonder if blogging will still survive once these thins take off.

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A lot different from what we have now that’s certain.

Lol maybe there will be new forms of blogging at that time.

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Alethea AI is building a decentralized protocol to create an Intelligent Metaverse inhabited by interactive and intelligent NFTs (iNFTs).

This is so cool and advanced and its going to change things significantly. Its a fantastic use of AI and Metaverse is also getting more attention these days. Hope that in the next few years we will be able to see much more into this. Great post my friend.

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Thank you Reeta. Yep we are going to see a lot of changes, mobile phones will look like a tiny change when we compare them

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