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RE: My entry to the challenge What will the future of the year 2067 look like? #PredictTheFuture

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Excellent post, gave me a laugh remembering how my first cell phone was, it looked like a block and was super heavy 😂.... Nowadays we can't go out without leaving the cell phone, we can even go back to look for us if we forget it, but back then it was better to leave it so as not to carry that torture, hahahaha.

I really liked your predictions, I also believe that by that time we will have psychic abilities taking advantage of all the potential of our brain, and we will be able to do a lot of things that now our limited mind can not even imagine.

Blessings ✨

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I'm glad you liked my post my friend, it is also exciting that the psyche will also be a strong point for our future, I have the feeling that it will be so hahahaha

Greetings my friend

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Have a great day 😊