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RE: #PredictTheFuture - What will the year 2067 be like?

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Wonderful publication!!! I read it with great pleasure from beginning to end, it really is a futuristic and optimistic vision.

I didn't know you could 3D print weapons 😯.

I loved the aspects you developed. I also believe that aliens coexist with us now and in the not too distant future we will be more aware of it and able to bond with them with an open mind.
I imagined that future as if I was watching a movie, hahahaha. Even how I would look like in 67 years with the new fashion, what I don't think is that I want to have blue skin 😅, but who knows.... A lot can change between now and then.

Really enjoy reading your post, have a splendid day 🤗.


I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed reading all of my writing. It was a long one, but I tried to keep it interesting the entire time. 3D printers are insane. That's something that even I have yet to dive into, but I know there are already a lot of things you can print such as guns.

The whole alien thing is hard for us to fully understand. I just know we cannot be the only thing that exists in this entire universe. The chances are far too slim.

It was super interesting to read until the end. Then I researched on Google some news of that 3D technology and found that they are even doing research on organs 😯. Really amazing!!!

Yes, I think that theory that they made us believe that we were the only living system in the whole planet doesn't make much sense anymore, even if it still generates fear to touch the topic 🙈

Very interesting information out there for sure.

We will see if we are ever ready as a society for official“contact”