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RE: #PredictTheFuture Challenge - What will the world be like in 2067?

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Happy and blessed present, I share with you my participation in this Challenge:

I invite my friends: @evev, @pavanjr, @drrune, @riverflows, @starstrings01, @tripode, @graciadegenios, @tarot911, @karmadorje, @filoriologo to participate in this very interesting challenge


Excellent! Very good topic. Thanks for the invitation! I have already prepared my post to participate 🚀

Excelente!!! Estás a tiempo de participar, casi en la rayita 😊

Siii Amiga! Trataré de conectar mis vibras rápidamente con el futuro para llegar con mi entrada a tiempo!. Mil Gracias, Abrazos!!😉

Thank you for the invitation my friend, i will check it out!!