Reaching Hive Level 70! And where to find the definitive reputation number!

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I've had a nice little break from posting this last week and I come back to find I've finally reached level 70 reputation!

LeoFinance has had me on level 70 for a while; I think due to rounding up...


But previously had me still on 69. So where's a definitive measure???


The hiveblocks explorer was no more forthcoming...


But finally I found an accurate measure on ... which confirms I have just jumped across the boundary!!!


Not that the reputation really means that much on Hive. I remember when @scipio tried to fix it after the whole system got wrecked by vote buying. Back in the days of Utopian. I'm still waiting for that to come back!

In any case it's a landmark to be celebrated and likely to be my last round number reputation, probably ever!

So, back to crypto reseach and posting from tomorrow. There's lots happening and I've a few interesting articles lined up. Until then I shall bask in the reflected glory of my new found status!

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I say a big congrats to you
I just got to 60 and it feels like something much to be happy about.


That's a strong reputation and I must say that myself I am motivated by such things. While I am standing at a 69.194 score, I also like to check the Hive rankings on where I rank in 2238th place.

I see you are in 1816th place, well into the first 2k place where I target to position myself as well. Congrats!

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That's very cool. I hadn't noticed the rankings section on that site.

I see there are some 80s. I better get my skates on!

Congrats on hitting 70 :o). I look up Hive-Buzz (Ranking and then typing in your name) constantly, if I finally hit 59, but somehow it drags on ^^.

So close .... !!!


Oh man ^^

Ah many congratulations, 70s a great milestone.

You might like this...

I'm sure you reach 80, its' probably only another 3 or 4000 posts away!

At some point there should be a hardfork on the theme of simplification. At least all the rewards are linear now!

Still have long journey to reach that
But you give us motivation

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Thanks! You can do it!