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RE: STEMGeeks Second Hackathon

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How much should I request from the DHF for the prize pool?

$50k. It's a bull market. New projects all over. If we want new dev participation we have a lot of competition.

Possible proposal voters will baulk at the size. Potentially you could make two proposals, $30k and $20k, like with the HBD stabiliser, to allow people to choose the size of the prize fund by voting.

Should I create a proposal for marketing the hackathon?

No. Include it as a proportion of the above proposal.

Although probably the prize fund could be the "$1-dollar" value of the HBD and the marketing budget could be any excess of the HBD market value over this.

Prizes paid in Hive.

How many winners should be eligible for the prize pool?

Almost all of them.

Small prizes for anyone that makes a good effort - determined by receiving any votes from the voting panel. This was effectively the case for SGH1, thanks to roomservice. It was a nice touch.

Larger prizes for anyone that makes it through to the second round.

One phase or two phases?

Two. But with second phase projects guaranteed a prize, given the additional effort.

Got any ideas to make the Hackathon better?

Non-dollar gift pack prizes for all participants - like a goodie bag. Steemonsters cards, NFTs, tribe tokens, Hive delegations, merch etc. Basically showcasing all the things Hive can do - so that when participants share on twitter, people realise all the stuff that is on Hive, rather than just $X prize.

Would you be participating?

Maybe. Something small though. Lots on at the moment!

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