October Record Setting Rewards Attempt - How did it go?

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At the start of October I set myself the challenge of an all-time-personal-best-record-setting-month for my Hive rewards. This was inspired by a review of my September rewards which showed that, to a large extent, there weren't any.

You can see the original post here:

Now October is behind us. So how did things go?

October daily rewards...

Author rewards:

author day oct.png
Author rewards (GBP) per day - generated by HeyStack

Not a bad effort. I was rewarded for seventeen posts in October; slightly more than one every other day. That's a pretty good rhythm for me.

curator day oct.png
Curation rewards (GBP) per day - generated by HeyStack

My curation rewards are fairly constant, if a little unbalanced. As I curate 100% manually I'm actually quite impressed that I have checked in and curated every day!

So how does this month compare to prior months...

The all-time monthly charts of my rewards on Hive...

Author rewards:

author month oct.png
Author rewards (GBP) per month - generated by HeyStack

That's a win! £235 in author rewards (based on end of day prices). So more than double my previous record.

Curation rewards:

curator month oct.png
Curation rewards (GBP) per month - generated by HeyStack

Not a record on the curation rewards. But author rewards help me carry the day overall.

So that's it for October! I hope you enjoyed the posts I put out. There's a huge amount of exciting things going on in the crypto world at the moment so I'll definitely have some more posts in November. Less than in October I would think but more so than September in any case!

Thanks to everyone who upvoted me and supported me in this quest!


All charts have been produced using HeyStack. For those of you who haven't seen the project before, HeyStack is a Hive-orientated crypto portfolio tracker. I created it for the STEMGeeks Hackathon last year.

You can use it to look at all your Hive data. And do pretty charts! Or you can track your whole crypto portfolio by combining this Hive data with imported exchange data.

I've actually done a fair bit more work on the project since my last post. I'll talk through the progress and details another time. No, I will.

Support my projects!

That's it for today! HeyStack is free and open-source. If you like it, please upvote to support it!

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