November Rewards Review

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November rewards...

Daily rewards:

A pretty quiet month for me on the Hive front. I've recently cut down my overall screen time by half and posting is one of the things that has had to give.

Still, it's nice to see that even a casual poster like me can still pick up some great rewards! The high Hive price certainly helps on that front.

As does longevity. It's 61 moons now for me on Hive and even posting every now and then helps to build up a small audience as long as you stick around.

I still managed to curate every day, albeit a little irregularly.

Top: Author rewards (USD) per day for November
Bottom: Curation rewards (USD) per day for November

Monthly rewards:

It's still been a pretty good month overall. My third best for posting rewards and my second best for curation rewards.

I spent most of that on punks though! It's an investment!

My first in the NFT world but as it's one of the first Hive NFT collections I'm hoping it will bear fruit one day. Even if I have to wait another 61 moons!

Top: Author rewards (USD) per month
Bottom: Curation rewards (USD) per month

Onwards and upwards!

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The graph looks encouraging. Man, you still manage to curate everyday. I just started using the platform, and am very encouraged!

I try and flick through Hive/Leo blogs everyday even if I don't always get to read as much as I'd like. Just stick with it!

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