HeyStack progress! - Final Stretch!

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Heading down the final stretch!

Lots and lots of progress this week. I got pretty much everything done that I wanted. One more week to clean up all the code. And then launch!

How's it looking?

STACKS: Overall portfolio.

STACKS 43.png

JOURNEY: Charts for loaded Hive wallet data.

JOURNEY 43.png

WALLETS: For loading blockchain wallet data.

WALLETS 43.png

IMPORTS: For loading exchange trades and transactions.

IMPORT 43.png

What I've completed this week:

Too much to mention. But a few highlights:

Communication was all over the place. So I've added a pop-up communication bar that tells you what's going on.

COMMBAR 43.png

I'm really pleased with this. Previously all JOURNEY (Hive / Steem) charts were daily. But over a long timescale daily can be a little too much. So now there's monthly aggregation.

Two different approches:

(1) Rewards/Transactions: Daily prices applied. Aggregation of daily results over a month.

Daily author rewards on top. Monthly on lower.

(2) Balances: Balance snapshot and price calculation at month start.

Daily account balances on top. Monthly on lower.

Because there's HBD interest now! So I've included it in the balance roll-up. And also as an option in the charts.

Ok, not the most interesting chart but I only have one payment so far!


Most of my focus at the start of the week was on this. Making sure that when data is updated in one area the rest of the website updates and it all holds together.

It's working well now I think.

I re-included aggregation of curation rewards and witness rewards within the Indexed Database. This should save on space for people who vote a lot.

Lots of this. Charts with zero data. Chart lines that give up half-way. Buttons that stick. Tables that lose highlighting. All polished up.

More testing:

Last week's testing was mainly for smaller accounts. This week I pulled a few names from @dalz's top earners post. Some for author rewards, some for curation, some for DAO rewards. The test was balance roll-ups vs wallet actuals.

Almost all worked, which is good! @howo's account didn't, which means there's probably some non-standard dev things I'm not picking up. I'll get them eventually!

What next?

One week to go!

  • Refactoring and tidying. Lots of this!
  • Testing of additional data loads after initial data load. Some concerns on this to be ironed out.
Support my projects!

That's it for today! My project is free and open-source (FOSS). It will be on github (once I've tidied it because embarrassing). If you like my project upvote to support it!

What is HeyStack?

For those who haven't seen one of these posts before, HeyStack is a Hive-orientated crypto portfolio tracker project. It was my entry to the STEMGeeks Hackathon that took place back in the spring. I am still working on it! Still!

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I think I would love this one :)
Any links?

It'll be up on Github next week, fingers crossed. I'll add the link to the next post!

Awesome, can't wait for this to be released!

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One week to go!

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very detailed all the post friend congratulations

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