HeyStack progress! - 16th February

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Lots of progress this week! A collection of smaller changes that I already think will be pretty useful. Plus I feel like I'm slowly approaching the finish line!

In summary, the changes are:

  • Chart drill down for each crypto in your portfolio;
  • Refresh button to update portfolio prices;
  • New settings page added;
  • Choice of fiat currency for reporting; and
  • Binance "distribution" imports added.

I'll go over these in more detail below.

For those who haven't seen one of these posts before, HeyStack is a Hive-orientated crypto portfolio tracker project. It was my entry to the STEMGeeks Hackathon that took place back in the spring. I am still working on it! Still!

Chart drill down for each crypto in your portfolio


I'll talk about this update first as I've already found it really useful. Prior to this update the bottom left chart showed the overall value of the user's crypto portfolio (over the last year) and the top left chart showed the change in that total portfolio by day (since the start of 2021).

I wanted another chart that showed how each of my coins was performing individually. Initially I added a top right chart that was a replica of the top left daily performance chart but for an individual coin. Then I thought a better approach would be to have the whole page update depending on which coin is chosen.

So now when you click on a coin in the table (here Steem has been chosen) the two charts change to show values for that coin only. So with the Steem example, the bottom left chart shows the value of Steem in my portfolio over the last year and the top left chart shows the daily change in that value.

Some nice profits from the rising Steem price this week by the looks of things, even though I now hold very little of it.

At some point I'll need to update the top left chart to allow for a split between deposits/withdrawals/trades/unrealised gains etc. But not for this release.

Refresh button to update portfolio prices

The refresh button updates the current prices of each crypto and feeds these through into the table and charts. It uses the previous aggregations of the Hive transactions and exchange trades so it's much faster than a full page reload.

I've already pressed it like a thousand times. Very useful if you're otherwise glued to coingecko or coinmarketcap!

Settings page


Looks like this ⬆. Ok, so not wildly exciting so far! But it will have a range of settings allowing people to tailor the tool to their own needs. The first of these is...

Choice of fiat currency for reporting

The scroll button on the settings page allows users to select a fiat currency (USD, GBP etc). All the charts and tables will then show fiat values based in that currency.

Binance "distribution" imports


I get a range of (tiny) airdrops each month on Binance. There was previously no way to export these but now you can obtain them through the "generate all statements" option on Binance.

On the IMPORT tab on HeyStack I've added an option for Binance Distribution where you can import these amounts. They are stored in the exchange database and from there they feed through to the STACKS charts.

What next?

The roadmap is broadly unchanged from the last update. Most of the above changes relate to "tying it all together" so that's coming along nicely. Still to do are:

  • Some testing - my account balances currently do not tie up perfectly - although they used to before I changed the account loading. I need to work out why and test some other accounts.
  • Tying it all together. Currently everything works well individually but it's not fully integrated. For example if you load new trades or include a new blockchain wallet it doesn't recalculate the portfolio until you relaunch.
  • Refactoring and tidying. Lots of this.
  • Income / gains. Because gains!
Support my projects!

That's it for today! My project is free and open-source (FOSS). It will be on github (once I've tidied it because embarrassing). If you like my project upvote to support it!

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This is coming along very nicely @minature-tiger.

Is that anyway to integrate this into Leofinance.io since that is a site that deals with crypto and finance. Having the ability to offer similar services such as price quotes similar to CMC and COingecko is something I feel will really help the site.

Just tossing the idea out there.

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I get all the prices from the coingecko API. That part is actually pretty easy to set up. That said, I'm not sure how happy they would be with other sites starting a rival service using their own data!

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'Powered by CoinGecko' 😁

Good to see you around and still chipping away at this project.

Hey Asher!

Yes, I'm still around, lurking in the background. Enjoying this crypto season and trying to make a bit more out of it than 3 years ago.

Hoping to get this project released in the next few weeks so that people can play with it while the numbers look good!

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Well i hope you are doibg better than me who still has most eggs in one basket!

Good luck with the project.