Binance Smart Chain Asset Tracker. A look at Any better recommendations???

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What I've been looking for...

I've been looking for a Binance Smart Chain asset tracker. With limited success :(

There are a few of these on Solana. being one of the earliest examples.

At a minimum I want the following generated for a given wallet address:

  • The current amount, price and fiat value of each coin holding.
  • Similar estimates for each defi pool / farm I am holding on BSC.

I'd also be keen to see:

  • Historic transactions - e.g. when I bought CUB, or invested in a pool or farm, with the relevant prices and values at that date.
  • A tracking of the wallet portfolio value over time.
  • Pretty charts. Just because I like them.

What I've found so far:

I've had limited success in my search so far. I did find one example at

Screenshot from pacoca

I will say that it's got a clean design. It also allows you to enter a wallet address rather than connecting the wallet, which is a nice touch.

And it does give the value of the coins in the wallet.

Screenshot from pacoca

However it doesn't capture any of the yield farming (i.e. no farms or kingdoms on Cub). Which makes it fairly useless for my requirements. Although it's new, so here's hoping it progresses!

Any recommendations???

So has anyone seen anything better out there on BSC? It's not a platform I use too much so maybe there are some hidden gems out there. Let me know!

Price action!

In case you're interested, here's the price action on the above project, pacoca (which is a Portugese sweet according to Google).

Chart from coingecko

The project is not just a tracker. It also has the ubiquitous yield farms with astronomical yields:


And it has an exchange facility. Or at least a link to one:


However the market cap of $13m seems a little high to me given the limited functionality to date. I'll keep an eye on it until I find something better.

Not financial advice. Please do your own research.

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There are so many. I have been using which now has pro version that requires to have certain yield tokens. My recent fav is debank - extremely clean and efficient asset tracker.

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DeBank looks excellent. I gave it my wallet address and it popped up my wallet and yield farm values straight away. I'll be having a play with that!

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Debank is my fav. I hope they won't be greedy and bring a paid version :P I have used their swap functionality and it works great too.

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There is this one, but you then have to add the amount you have in kingdomes to it.


So you run the one above and then add Kingdomes, it's not perfect, but it works.

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Thanks! I had seen this for Cub before but it never worked for me. It defaults to Metamask whereas my farm holdings are in a different wallet.

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Check test.

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