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RE: a HUGE opportunity for HIVE came my way last week :: Let's Group and Extend HIVE ecosystem Together

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It looks like an opportunity waiting to happen.


I do hope so, but I can assure you: Nafter will not wait, so its all about grouping the right people in the HIVE ecosystem and collectively create an offering (or multiple) and make sure to convince the Nafter team to take that support.

any progress on reaching out to these guys? we are building the base frame protocol for these NFTs

Was able to get in contact with Nafter team, if that's what you meant to ask.
Can you explain what it means that is brought to the table with base frame protocol for NFTs?

3Speak is already building exactly what they need, but zero fees and 3second transfer times as well as decentralised storage system for the images and gifs for their NFTs

Since you know very well what you'll be delivering as you very well know what HIVE can deliver and I presume also what the next HF of HIVE will bring to the table, I suggest you pick up the communication with Nafter team directly. 🎶🙃
The CEO is on LinkedIn: and on Twitter: I suggest dropping a comment to his latest Tweet (or DM) on Twitter.
Nafter has a Telegram: some admin is around most of the time, who may be of help connecting with Nafter's CEO. Though I suggest the Twitter approach.
FYI, In their Telegram they just released the info they start their staking pools June, 2nd.

What is your Twitter handler, username?


Thanks, I dropped a chat message in Telegram to Nafter's CEO. I'll inform you when I get some progress.

You have a Telegram account as well?

EDIT: found your telegram handlers :)