Can a hardware wallet be hacked?

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Hardware wallet is the safest way to hold crypto tokens, as I have read in many articles. But that doesn't mean scammers can't hack hardware wallets. It has been seen that due to the mistakes of the users, scammers get a way to get access to their wallets. This has been found in most of the cases. Not only crypto wallets, hackers also get access to other accounts due to the users' own fault.


Recently a similar case happened. Ledger hardware wallet users are getting emails from scammers asking them to install fake wallets so that hackers can steal their seed phrase. You know friends, if you give the secret phrase of your wallet to someone else then your funds will be stolen.

I just read this news here today. Not just via email, Scammers are now sending physical package to hardware wallet users, which contains a legit-looking Ledger Nano X and a letter in which it is written that the existing wallet has been compromised. So you have to install new wallet. These things are enough to scare ledger users.

This fear compels users to make mistakes. Such a mistake becomes natural in this situation. Therefore, users must visit the official website of the product so that they can get to know the truth. You visit the official website of Ledger to get the news on ongoing phishing campaigns.

I don't know from where the scammers get to know about the consumers. But their network is very strong. That's why they are able to collect real data. Now you must have understood that hardware wallet can also be hacked. If you are a user of hardware wallet, then you have to be very careful about all these phishing activities. You must always collect information from real sources.

Well I don't have a hardware wallet. But those who have it need to be careful. Write the seed phrase on a paper and keep it in your locker and do not tell it to anyone. And be aware of phishing email sent by scammers.

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To error is to human, so wherever human action are involved their is a possibility of mistake

Hardware wallet is not the best but still the safest to use as u have stated in ur write up another advantage I see in this is that it is unaffected by viruses that could be on one's computer because private keys never come in contact with your network-connected computer

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