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RE: Account Ownership: Undervalued Aspect To Hive

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I could literally rock upto court tomorrow and open up a case against downvoters. I understand people say "rewards aren't guaranteed until 7th day" but they would need to evidence that their actions didn't cause the deprivation of income.

As a downvote causes a deprivation of income it is protected under law.

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First you will need to prove that downvotes ARE deprivation of income. They ain't depriving anyone of anything as rewards or "income" are generated only after 7 days and once generated or finalized, it's all yours. 😜

I've heard this a few times but that's not how it works. Everyone knows that the income is going to occur. The downvoter would need to prove that their action isn't what caused it.

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Who are you going to sue?

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No one, it was an example.

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