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RE: Mark Cuban discloses investment in Matic

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There are faucets? Share away my brother. I am in need of more lol

Mine are just parked on an exchange. Waiting for Polydragon to enable staking. There is already some for their DEX which is valued at over $1000 a token but I don't know if I can send it to my wallet.

Minimum send is like 30 so I don't want to risk it.

Just waiting on price boom to get more Hive/Leo with it.

Fire is also going to enable a matic farm soon.

Shits booming

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There is but its only for the matic mainnet and you can only get it if your balance on MetaMask is close to zero. I was planning on withdrawing it to AAVE and keep running the faucet but it shows my balance but won't let me deposit atm.

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Minimum withdrawal is like 30 matic I believe, which is why I'm to scared to send my current holdings from exchange to matic wallet. Not sure if it is compatible

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I am planning to stake my Matic on PZAP, they have a Matic- farm paying 300 plus APR , It pays in PZAP which is six buvks, so I plan to compound it.

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