One step closer to the metaverse as NVIDIA commences building it

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Good morning lions I hope you're having a wonderful Monday in Australia it's a long weekend and I enjoyed the sleep in and not having to stress about the 9 - 5. But recent announcements might make that a permanent thing, not worrying about the 9-5 well not in its physical state anyway.

If you've been on Hive/Leo for a while now you would be familiar with @taskmaster4450le and his posts about the metaverse. Oh boy do we have a story today to make Task say "I told you so".

His discussion points have been pretty accurate on a number of occasions and the not so distant future we will see alot more merging of the real world and not physical world. The main push and acceptance will come from finance. Cryptocurrancy or digital currencies are the door into this world.

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Regardless of if people want to enter it or not there will be lucrative opportunities within the metaverse for people to profit and much like Bitcoin early adopters will probably benefit from getting in first.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang believes we are on the cusp of building the metaverse and his taking his company there. In a recent announcement the CEO went into detail on how this will occur and talked about their new building that was designed in the metaverse.

It's actually a significantly long ready with a Q&A instead of summaries the news I will provide you the Link here to go through and have a read for yourself.


NVIDIA isn't the only one to develop a mwtaverse as there are smaller people currently under way. Rapper MF Doom prior to passing finalised one of the first metaverse projects that allows people to transfer physical masks to the metaberse to put on show and users can view them in online galleries. You can read more about the project Here

This further confirmed what NVIDIA has stated in their announcement that soon people will be able to entre the metaverse through VR goggles and that's what they're building. The process will even link onto your phone. NVIDIA has built a specialised room that they're calling a "city". How is a room a city? It becomes one once online.

They're also developing that room to host robots or NPC's no doubt. I'm guessing that this will be a test field for the metaverse in a controlled environment before rolling it out to the masses.

My mind is blown, imagine sitting at home and having another room possibly either physically build or not and being able to get to it through your phone. A some what VR safe where you store all your cryptocurrancy and expensive NFTs.

Slip on some goggles and walk around another room of your house.

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As humans we are driven by our desire to touch, to smell, to see, to feel, to be present which is why "teams meetings" don't cut it because the physical aspect is removed. But what happens when we create a virtual one? Where you can be completely emersed in a virtual world and not just one but many, anywhere in the world all from the safety of your home.

Looks like we won't need to wait too long to find out, NVIDIA is going to show us.

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We'll need top notch security that blockchains offer to protect these rooms too you know? 🤔

Hahaha we definitely will. I wonder if a burglar will need to enter via VR to steal them?

This is mind-blowing.... The rate at which adoption is going is so fast.

I feel for those who have not embraced the idea yet

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