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Emoticons are out, emojis are the new norm. Okay, this isn't 2015 but I would just like to emphasize the extensive use of emojis today. Some people are living on the same wavelength and could hold a whole conversation using nothing but emojis. And surprisingly, they could understand each other.

I'm not even mad, that's kind of impressive. It's like having a new language or something. It's like we are back in the old Egyptian tales using hieroglyphs to communicate with each other, but this time, in colors.

With this, I thought of my own use of emojis, I don't use them often or always, but I use them quite frequently. Let me unveil my phone usage for this one and astound you with the most recent emojis that I have used. Okay, maybe I'll tell you something about them too if I can still recall any conversation where and when they were used.

Upon searching for the emojis that I used on the internet, I was flabbergasted to know that the individual emojis have their own unique name, I just call them as I see them, well here they go if you don't know their names too.

Money-Mouth-Face 🤑

This emoji looks like a happy guy with its tongue out but instead of eyes, it has dollar signs on the eyes and a dollar sign on its tongue. So the internet says that this emoji meant love of money or feeling rich. This could also refer to something you like that is expensive or something that could make you money.

If I remember correctly, I used this recently for comment with someone writing at another blogging platform that pays. I was indicating that he was grinding hard for the dollar bills. Guess it's an accepted use of that right?

Index Pointing Up ☝️

This emoji shows a hand with the index finger pointing upwards and the closed palm of the hand faces us. Apparently, this is used when you want to ask a question, or sometimes it is also used to refer to God above.

The internet was mad at me and told me that this emoji should be differentiated from the backhand index pointing up 👆. This one is used when you want others to pay attention to the current/previous content or it's directing everyone northward or upwards.

So I used this one incorrectly I'm afraid. I meant to use the latter one but used the incorrect one when I was referring to a pinned post inside a forum. Oh, such a shame. But who knew that emojis have that kind of technicalities and guidelines. I sure did not! Do you?

Squinting Face with Tongue 😝

Alright, everything is better with the tongue, right? 😝. This guy right here symbolizes happiness, hilarity, and playfulness. But sometimes, it's used negatively to show arrogant superiority and comes alongside of really offensive messages. Wow, that became dark quickly.

I used this on my jokes and posts that I make that I think are funny. I mean look at him, he's like enjoying himself, his time, and all those happiness. If ever I use this one for you, kindly note that it's in a positive and playful way, okay?

Face Throwing a Kiss 😘

This looks like a guy straight from a flirt book. An emoji winking and blowing out a kiss is so cute it's just so acceptable. This could innocently mean, good night, farewell, or a kiss on the cheek and it can even have different meanings like someone expressing that he likes you and he wants to be more than friends with you.

These emojis, really, are escalating quickly.

I always use this guy on my posts that are borderline pick-up lines and sweet nothings. I don't know, I am full of that. LOL. Loving love is just lovely, don't you just love it?

Smiling Face with Sunglasses 😎

This emoji indicates that someone or something is cool. And for once, I'm delighted that I am using this one right, although many people out there could disagree. I use this for posts that I think are cool, or on messages I sent and I feel cool, the recipients, however, may see things differently, maybe they need to own another pair of eyewear to read my messages in a different light.

Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Cold Sweat 😅

This emoji is another one filled with fun. It's also known as happy sweat, well, I can picture that. At a glance, it looks like it's conveying nervous laughter and it's exactly that. This can be used when referring to a case of a disaster that you barely dodged.

It can also be used to describe a sticky and tense situation. At other times, it can express that you are hot n sweaty, maybe from exercising, eating hot food, or eating hot babe, I mean, seeing, seeing a hot babe.

You may also pull out this guy when you feel that you have expressed or said too much to the point of embarrassment. I think I recently used this one to express my embarrassment jokingly towards a failed attempt at a joke or something.

Man Facepalming 🤦‍♂️

This is one of my favorite emojis to use. Facepalming emojis are generally used to express exasperation, disbelief, and shame due to stupid people, thoughts, and actions.

I often use this because the amount of stupidity of some people is limitless. And it's the internet so the more users we get, the stupider it gets. 🤦‍♂️

I also use this of course towards my own stupidity because as you know, I have a lot of that sense as well.

Smirking Face 😏

This one shows a smug, mischievous, or sly face. This often means that the sender has said something mischievous or has a hidden meaning. Usually used in positive flirtation and accompanied with sexual innuendos.

Okay, I guess it's clear why this is on my recently used. Sexual innuendos? I have tons of that on my posts. If you don't know what I mean, then you're probably missing the point. 😏

Splashing Sweat 💦

And another multi-purpose emoji with meanings ranging from literal to totally inappropriate conduct. Sometimes, this can mean that you are sweating, or some water splashed. But with a little bit of colorful meaning, this can mean wet, in a totally different sense aside from the literal, and is usually used in sexting. Most times it can mean climax from either man or woman.

I will leave it to your imagination in what sense I last used this emoji. 😏

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